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04 10 04Record increase in foreign trade visitors SMM 2004

Closing report SMM 2004
HAMBURG 2/10 - With a record increase in foreign trade visitors, and with orders running into billions (euro), the SMM 2004, the 21st Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology International Trade Fair Hamburg, closed its doors after an extremely successful five days. A total of 42 000 trade visitors (2002: 40 000), some 43 percent (2002: 33 percent) from abroad, came to the Hamburg Fair site and gained a convincing impression of the innovative power of the global maritime industry.

Caterpillar op SMM

Caterpillar op SMM.
Trade visitors from a total of 116 countries visited Hamburg for the SMM 2004, most of them from the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the People’s Republic of China and Poland. Large groups of visitors also came from the Asian and North American shipbuilding nations. The great majority of the trade visitors (70 percent) have a direct influence on procurement decisions within their company.

With 1 450 exhibitors from 50 nations, including 60 percent from outside Germany, and an extensive international supporting programme, the SMM 2004 surpassed the previous event by a considerable margin and provided fresh proof of its leading worldwide position among the maritime trade fairs. Which is why Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch, Federal Government Maritime Policy Coordinator and State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, said after his visit to the world’s leading fair for the shipbuilding industry: "We can only win in global competition if we promote innovation and progress. Here at the SMM: this is the Innovation Mecca!"

A similar picture was drawn by Jürgen Kennemann, Chairman of the SMM Board and Chairman of the Management Board of Aker shipyards in Wismar and Warnemünde: "The excellent situation in the global shipbuilding industry was reflected in the mood of the SMM 2004. The leading shipbuilding fair gave an impressive demonstration of the technological potential and the innovative power of shipyards and equipment suppliers."

Werner Lundt, General Secretary of the VSM (Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association), was also delighted at the success of this year’s fair: "The SMM 2004 as the leading fair has set new records for exhibitors and visitors. Conversations focused not only on negotiating new contracts, but also – increasingly – on issues connected with financing the high level of orders and the continuing keen competition in view of the rapid growth in shipbuilding capacity."

For Dr. Frank Schubert, Chairman of the Shipbuilding and Offshore Equipment Supply Industry Group within the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), the positive mood of the shipbuilding equipment supply industry was characteristic of the whole course of this "once again extremely successful SMM".

Frank Leonhardt, Chairman of the VDR (German Shipowners Association), confirmed this assessment: "The SMM 2004 offered new answers to shipowners’ current questions in relation to profitability, safety and communication technology. The technology standard was considerably up on the previous SMM."

Once again the SMM 2004 was also a centre for world trade

New shipbuilding contracts at the SMM 2004 were mainly recorded among European shipyards. For example, the Italian shipbuilding group Fincantieri, Admiralty Shipyards and the Schichau Seebeck Shipyard in Bremerhaven signed contracts for numerous new vessels running into the billions. For Vladimir L. Alexandrov, General Director of Admiralty Shipyards, the SMM 2004 was also the appropriate setting for celebrating the shipyard’s 300th anniversary.

The Chinese shipbuilding groups CSIC and CSSC nevertheless reported initial negotiations and very interesting discussions with European shipowners about more than ten new vessels, especially large container ships. Cao Zhi Teng, Vice President of China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., a member of the CSSC group, expressed his regret that it had not been possible to make any further agreements with "numerous new potential customers" at the SMM 2004 because the shipyards were completely booked up until 2007. Similar "problems" were also reported by Li Ben, Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co., Ltd., which belongs to CSIC.

Not only the shipyards were able to open up their order books: equipment suppliers also negotiated numerous projects to the point of signing.

Uwe Franz, General Manager, Kongsberg Maritime: "With our electronic products such as the integrated bridge we met with a very good response from the extremely well qualified trade visitors, around 60 percent of whom came from abroad in our case."

Frank Soccoli, Marketing Director of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, reported on numerous serious inquiries about the new bridge system and on wireless communication systems.

Bernd Schell, Marketing Manager of Raytheon Marine, was not at all surprised at the success of the SMM 2004 or at the large proportion of shipowners from all continents among the visitors: "Where else could shipowners find out more quickly and easily about the new technologies than at the SMM?"

Axel Rothe, Sales Director in Siemens’ Industrial Solutions and Services Division: "The fair was a complete success for us. At the SMM 2004 we took orders worth double-digit millions, including further orders for pod drive systems."

Engine manufacturer Caterpillar chose the SMM 2004 for the first joint appearance of the two brands Caterpillar and MaK. Roberto Dionisio, General Manager of Caterpillar Marine Power Systems: "The SMM with its international public is the best platform for us to show that we can supply single-source drive systems for sea-going vessels."

Of the 50 nations taking part in the SMM, 17 presented themselves in official national pavilions.

"A great fair," enthused John Southerden, Director of the British Marine Equipment Association (BMEA), looking back on the SMM 2004.

The Japanese Marine Equipment Association (JSMEA) was also very satisfied.

At a seminar during the SMM 2004, Mitsubishi presented two new developments, an electronically controlled environment-friendly diesel engine and a turbocharger. The Japanese company took home an order for each.

Pim van Gulpen, Chairman of Holland Marine Equipment (HME), the Dutch shipbuilding equipment suppliers association, which took part in the SMM 2004 with 101 companies, was impressed by the great specialist and decision making competence of the visitors: "The SMM is the most important fair for success on the market."

Satisfied expressions were also the rule among the Danish maritime equipment suppliers, whose presence was almost equally strong. Ulrik Dahl, General Secretary of the Danish Export Association, said that the SMM 2004 had exceeded all the exhibitors’ expectations, and spoke of the "massive interest" displayed by very many Asian visitors in particular.

Praise for the great competence of the visitors also came from Park Tae Ho, Director of the Korean exhibitor Kangrim Industries Co. Ltd., who said his company, like others in the Korean national pavilion, had made many serious contacts.

With more than 130 congresses, conferences, meetings, workshops and official receptions, this year’s supporting programme was particularly large. It included, for example, the first meeting of the board of the newly formed CESA (Community of European Shipyards’ Associations) and the international congress WODCON XVII of the World Organisation of Dredging Associations (WODA). The CIMAC Circle held its traditional meeting during the SMM. And the "ThinkING" programme run by VDMA and VSM also met with a great response.

The 22nd International Shipbuilding Fair SMM is to be held in Hamburg from 26 to 29 September 2006, when four new exhibition halls will be available to the world’s leading shipbuilding industry fair for the first time.


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