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06 11 07Benelux and British Committees of Germanischer Lloyd discuss technical and political issues in Rotterdam

Hull Lifecycle Program and Maritime Safety Package HAMBURG / ROTTERDAM 6/11 Press Release Germanischer Lloyd - Maritime safety both on a technical as well as on a political level were the topics of discussion at the meeting of Germanischer Lloyd's Benelux and British Committees. The classification society presented its latest services on offer such as the "Hull Lifecycle Program (HLP)" and "Transfer of Class (TOCA)" procedure. The group of shipowners, representatives from shipyards and the supply industry met in Rotterdam yesterday.

Germanischer Lloyd

Members of GL's British + Benelux Committee. Photo Germanischer Lloyd

For the third time the annual session was held jointly, thus highlighting the close interconnection and cooperation of the maritime industries of the UK and Benelux countries. Two new members were welcomed to the Benelux Committee: Bart Groot, Managing Director of Groot Ship Design, and Leen Warnaar, Technical Manager and Designated Person of Arklow Shipping Nederland B.V.

Hull Lifecycle Program evaluates strength and fatigue
Dirk Kannenberg, Head of Department Assessment Surveys, explained the functions of the Hull Lifecycle Program, Condition Assessment Surveys and GL Pegasus, a software service tool to facilitate thickness measurement. First, the Hull Lifecycle Program generates a 3D-computer model of the ship's hull to evaluate the longitudinal strength, fatigue and buckling. With the results an in-depth survey of both the vessel's hull and machinery is conducted. Thickness measurements as well as extensive tests of relevant machinery elements will be taken to support the survey. The results will be used to monitor the ship's condition throughout the lifetime and help to immediately react on variations in the measurement results.

HLP offers surveying tools for identifying necessary repairs and maintenance, such as coating conditions. The program thus facilitates inspection planning, allowing ship operators to prepare and conduct their own inspections. Once the initial model is generated, the HLP can be run until sale or disposal of the vessel, any changes in ship structure such as replaced plates being updated in the model on an ongoing basis.

What the Maritime Safety Package means in practice
The European Commission's attempts to come up with a "common structure on maritime safety" ever since the Erika and Prestige accidents in the 1990s were explained by Mrs Gesa Heinacher-Lindemann, Head of GL's Legal Department. She informed about the development of the EU Directive on Classification Societies. The Commission's goal: to increase safety and reduce accidental pollution. One essential part of the Erika III package is the Directive on Classification Societies, which attempts to strengthen the control system, simplify the criteria to become a so-called "Recognized Organisation (RO)" and harmonize the technical standards of all ROs. This group nowadays includes thirteen stakeholders - amongst them IACS members but also, for example, the Hellenic or Polish registers. Heinacher-Lindemann made clear that a harmonization of standards between so many stakeholders might become complicated or even reduce the quality of standards.

With the revised "Transfer of Class" procedure, Germanischer Lloyd makes yet another effort to ensure high quality services. TOCA is intended to further simplify the process for shipowners, as Peter Conneely, GL Business Development Manager Area Benelux / Northwest Europe, explained. It aims at accelerating the issuance of full term class and statutory certificates. Transfer of class always involves some documentation that needs reviewing and archiving. "If the transfer involves a change of owner and change of flag, this can be complicated," he said. In such a case GL offers fully individual support by helping to obtain and assess the respective documents.

Dr Joachim Segatz, Member of the Executive Board Germanischer Lloyd, presented the company's activities of the last year. Germanischer Lloyd's fleet in service grew by 10 million GT and hit the 70 million GT mark in September. Special reference was made to the strong growth in the bulk carrier and tanker segment. The committee members were also informed about the development of GL's Industrial Services, which have been extended considerably by the recent acquisitions of Advantica, a British engineering consultancy for the oil and gas industry, and Hélimax, a Canadian company offering engineering services for wind parks and wind power plants.

Torsten Schramm, COO of Germanischer Lloyd, followed with a comprehensive introduction to the worldwide bulk carrier fleet development, as well as a report on the performance standard for protective coatings. The Committee session was closed with the report of Harald Seibicke, GL's Area Manager Benelux / Northwest Europe and Secretary to the Committees. He gave an overview of the development of the field services in the region and informed about the establishment of a new GL Training Station in Antwerp. This Training Station forms part of Germanischer Lloyd's worldwide initiative "Surveyor Excellence Network", aiming to provide young professionals with individual theoretical but especially practical training.


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